Buffalo Dining Club, Darlinghurst

So it was my boyfriend and my two year anniversary on the 16th of May. We were staying at the Radisson Blu near Wynard hadn’t booked anywhere to eat. Luckily, my wonderful boyfriend had heard through the grapevine there was a good eatery called the Buffalo Dining Club. To be honest I was a bit wary at first, with a name like that I thought he was referring to some sort of tacky American grill and that I’d be eating fried buffalo wings and prime ribs for dinner (believe me, I was unimpressed). But I was a long way off, my boyfriend knows me well – I absolutely LOVE small bars and I absolutely LOVE good food. He informed me that Buffalo Dining Club was, in fact, a newish wine bar in Darlinghurst. I immediately looked it up on Urbanspoon, as I like to do before I eat anywhere, and saw that a whopping 97% of people liked it. I also found out that it was an Italian food and wine bar and that the name derived from the fact that Buffalo cheese was the basis of a lot of their menu…how could I argue with that?!

So we went along to Surrey Street and spied this small bar (it really was small). We were fortunate enough to get a table inside almost instantly (it started getting busier a bit later on). A lovely waiter asked us if we had been there before and as we had not he explained how the bar worked. He pointed to the menu on a blackboard and explained that we essentially created our own share plates, picking a cheese, a proscuitteria and two sides. He also recommended finishing off with a gnocchi.

So he left us to choose. There was a choice of Buffalo, Burrata and Caprino Cheese. We chose the Buffalo cheese as we thought that it was wise to go for the namesake! For sides we chose the potato croquettes and honey baby carrots, it was a hard choice! The other choices were grilled brocollini, fresh tomatoes in a balsamic dressing, white anchovies, marinated Sicilian olives, mushrooms or a mystery dish called ‘soft warm hugs’ which were sold out (we’ll get to that later). We didn’t know which proscuitteria to get so we asked for a recommendation – the waiter suggested the San Daniele proscuitteria which was apparently vintage and aged in Sicily. We also took his recommendation and also ordered a Buffalo ricotto gnocchi.

Oh. my. god. The food was beyond amazing. The cheese was served with some bread and was fashioned into a largeish ball – it was to die for. I probably wouldn’t  choose the croquettes again as they weren’t that exciting but teamed with the cheese anything was amazing – the honey carrots were good too. The proscuitteria was stand out, salty and so fresh – you could taste the quality (as I type this I am craving it). But nothing prepared me for the gnocchi. I would actually call it heaven on a plate. I have never had such perfect gnocchi – it melted in my mouth and I could not get enough. I was scraping the bowl for the dregs, that’s how good it was! I wished my boyfriend and I didn’t choose to share it!

*Spoiler alert*

I was so intrigued by what these ‘soft warm hugs’ were that were listed on the side dish menu,  I had to ask! So I grabbed the waiters attention and asked him what ‘soft warm hugs’ consisted of. He chuckled and said, “you really want to know?” I was confused and answered “yes…” and the waiter lent down and gave me a big cuddle! It was very funny, I appreciated it.

*Spoiler over*

Buffalo Dining Club is a brilliant place for a date or a get together with a friend, the menu isn’t too extensive but boy are they good at what they do. I definitely recommend it, you must try the gnocchi! And the soft warm hugs!

Buffalo Dining Club on Urbanspoon


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