Pretty Little Liars Party Food

PLL party food

Today was the Halloween special episode of Pretty Little Liars, followed by the world premiere of the spin off show Ravenswood. My friend and myself were pretty damn excited for this, so we decided to celebrate by hosting our own Pretty Little Liars Party! Quote my mother, “imagine if you put this much effort into your studies”. I’d most likely be reppin’ a High Distinction average, but alas my only passions are TV shows and food. I thought I would talk you through our food selection, if you are a true PLL you should get the references!


pretty little liars pig cupcakes party foodLUCKY LEON’S PIG CUPCAKES

These cupcakes were made by my wonderful friend, inspired by Season 1 Episode 13 – “Know Your Frenemies”. In this episode A forces Hanna to pick up an order under the name of Hefty Hanna from the store ‘Lucky Leons Cupcakes’. The order turns out to be six red velvet cupcakes, each with a pig on top. In order to get back her mother’s stolen money Hanna must eat each and every pig cupcake. Our cupcakes were also red velvet, but instead of white icing my friend opted for pink (they were regularly iced with cream cheese icing – just dyed pink!). Then we added (the Australian version of) Percy Pigs as quick and simple pig decorations!  They are just jelly lollies and a packet of them looks like this.

pig cupcakes pll food

Screen grab of pig cupcakes from Pretty Little Liars s01e13


pretty little liars cupcakes


These were just plain vanilla cupcakes. Some were topped with Percy Pigs where as the other ones were decorated with Pretty Little Liar’s signature red ‘A’. I did the As by ripping up sour straps into pieces. You can get these at most supermarkets, I got Xtreme Strawberry Sour straps which look like this. Red liquorice or red snakes would work well too, but I preferred sour straps as they lay flat.


A sour straps pretty little liars party food


This was a super duper easy tribute to ‘A’, the mystery behind the entire show. This red ‘A’ is used in most of Pretty Little Liar’s promotion and is often shown in written messages, signed off by A. I simply broke strawberry sour straps into two longer pieces and one shorter piece for the centre, then layered them on top of one another.

The signature red A from Pretty Little Liars promo


chinese take away dirt worms pretty little liarsChinese take away from A pretty little liars


This was one of my favourite party foods! This snack was referencing the 16th episode of Season 2, “Let Water Hold Me Down”, where the Liars ordered Chinese take away only to find that A had intervened and replaced their food with worms and dirt. Obviously I wasn’t going to put real worms or dirt out to eat! I bought Chinese take away containers from the $2 store. For the dirt I used a cheap chocolate mud cake from the super market and crumbled it up with a fork. I poured this into the containers and buried gummy worms in the mix. I then used a red sharpie to do the typical A sign off!

Screen grab of Liars about to open their take away in Pretty Little Liars s02e16

Screen grab of Liars about to open their take away in Pretty Little Liars s02e16


red coat straws pretty little liars party favorsRED COAT STRAWS

Red coat is introduced to us in Season 2 and plays remained a mysterious figure and a large part of the show throughout Season 3 and 4. These straws were a cute way to add a finishing touch to drinks at our Pretty Little Liars party. They were so simple as well, I picked up these awesome red and white straws from the $2 store. I simply printed out a small picture of a red coat onto cardboard and taped it to the straw. Make sure that you stick the coat low enough so that you can drink from the straw but high enough so that your drink doesn’t touch the coat, otherwise it will go soggy! This was such an easy thing to do but I think they looked great!


The infamous red coat in Pretty Little Liars, “The Naked Truth” – s02e19


vegan french foodVEGAN FRENCH FOOD

Hahaha, this one still makes me chuckle. Obviously we did not eat this err delicious looking salad. This party food was inspired by  Season 2, Episode 20, “CTRL A” (side note: God I love this episode, cutest Haleb moment ever – “Hanna…there was an exclamation point!”). Anyway FOCUS SAMMY! In this episode Ezra and Aria are supposed to go on a date to a French Vegan restaurant, although they don’t actually make it there. I thought it would be funny to pay tribute to this, I simply bought a salad mix and added gummy red frogs to it (in my opinion frogs make anything French). Bon appetit!

Classic Ezra, Pretty Little Liars s02e20

Classic Ezra, Pretty Little Liars s02e20


butterscotch pll food partyBUTTERSCOTCH

These butterscotch lollies were inspired by Season 1 Episode 10, “Keep Your Friends Close”. Hanna’s mum’s client, Mrs Potters asks Ashley whether she can have some lollies and she weirdly empties the whole bowl into her handbag. I guess Ashley got her revenge by stealing from her? You can get butterscotch from any supermarket!

Screen grab of s01e10 - Mrs Potters grabs more than a handful!

Screen grab of s01e10 – Mrs Potters grabs more than a handful!


popcorn pll party foodPOPCORN

This was a relatively boring one, as I just wanted to eat pop corn. In heaps of episodes the characters are eating popcorn, Aria always does when watching her black and white movies, Hanna does in a flashback where she  is watching a scary movie, the girls do when they go to the cinema and A does too, when watching their creepy personal footage of the Liars. These cute popcorn containers were just from the $2 store – I love them, they look kind of retro!

A eating popcorn

Screen grab of A chomping on popcorn whilst watching their footage of the girls – s01ep19, “A Person of Interest”


dong po


Last but definitely not least was our DONG PO tribute! I was most excited about this as I bloody love that Haleb scene, where Hanna and Caleb cook Dong Po together (check it out here…it’s that great). My excitement was quickly crushed as I went to five different Chinese restaurants and they did not serve Dong Po until lunch time/half of the Chinese restaurants were not open!! In Australia we don’t call it Dong Po, I researched it and it is essentially braised pork belly. I had no choice but to get Pork dumplings as a placeholder. Believe me I was sad. But it was Dong Po in spirit!

Hanna and Caleb discuss their dong po plans, s03e01

Hanna and Caleb discuss their dong po plans, s03e01


So there you go! Our Pretty Little Liars party was super fun, there are heaps more food ideas but we organised this pretty last minute. I didn’t get to photograph our cookies (in flashback Alison encourages Hanna not to eat the cookies) or our fake scotch (which was just cordial as it was too early for real scotch! Remember how Ezra gives Byron a bottle of scotch?) Some other ideas you could add to your own party:

  • Coffee! (They drink it like it’s water on PLL)
  • Chinese chicken salad (Alison’s favourite)
  • Pizzas with green peppers (Noel’s allergic!)
  • Garlic bread (Spencer’s mum won’t eat it though)
  • Breakfast foods i.e bacon and eggs (they are always eating such big breakfasts)
  • Yoghurt (another breakfast choice)
  • Vegetarian burritos (Aria and Jake ate them)

Can you think of any more food ideas? The more obscure the better! Comment them below


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    • I’m so glad to be of use!! Just interested, how did you come across this? Did you google pretty little liars food? Just trying to figure out if I come up in search engines! Have a great party

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